You feel like you're spending all of your time trying to find new coaching clients. And it's not working.

With a sales funnel, you can get clients into your course or coaching sessions literally while you sleep.

The 6 Step "Sales Funnel Simplified" Checklist

Identify Your Offer

Which of your products or services are you promoting?

Create Lead Magned

Break out a module from your course that works as stand alone content.

Share With Your Audience

Where will you share your freebie?

Access Other Audiences

Who already has an audience full of your ideal clients?

Pitch Your Main Offering

Teach prospective clients the "what." Your offer is the "how."


What systems can keep the process flowing?

About SocialStephanie

Hi, I'm Stephanie Perry, and I'm a freelance writer for coaches. 

It breaks my heart to see a coach who has a heart to serve get discouraged with the sales process and throw up their hands in defeat.

And I don't want to see you wasting your time on a million different, unproven ways to get clients. 

So I created this checklist to get your sales funnel organized and keep your business on track.